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Our Sept. 9 issue

Raise funds for your organization with the Norwegian American Weekly

Let’s work together! The Norwegian American Weekly wants to enter the fall season with a new burst of energy, and we want to make sure that your organization does the same!

This fall, we are offering a subscription drive that benefits you, too. Are you are a member of a Sons of Norway lodge, Scandinavian club, bygdelag, or church with strong Norwegian-American ties? Introduce your fellow Norwegians to the Weekly as a fundraiser, and we can help you raise funds!

For every new subscription your organization sells ($55 in the U.S. and $75 in Canada), your organization keeps $20 – that means you keep upward of 35 percent of the profits! Twenty dollars adds up fast, and the money can be put to use for programming, scholarship funds, and other great causes that your organization supports. Plus, your lodge members stay in touch with news from Norway and the Norwegian-American community every week.

Every subscription keep this 122-year-old newspaper going strong, and we are committed to being a voice in the Norwegian-American community. We appreciate every subscriber and advertiser, and we would love to have more people join our community of readers!

This offer is easy to put into motion:  simply contact us at (800) 305-0217 or email kelsey@norway.com to let us know you’re interested. Then you can announce it in your newsletter, at meetings, during special events, or offer it as a thank-you to new members. We would be delighted to send you a packet that includes some sample copies of the paper, subscription forms, and more information about this special promotion.

For details and to request information, please contact Subscriptions Manager Kelsey at (800) 305-0217 or email Kelsey@norway.com.

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 9, 2011 issue of the Norwegian American Weekly. To subscribe, visit SUBSCRIBE or call us at (800) 305-0271.

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