Lecture on “friluftsliv” at Kent State University, OH

Photo; www.nord-salten.no

Photo: www.nord-salten.no

On Friday, November 20 Dr. Wayne Munson presents a lecture for International Education Week at Kent State University. Come to Moulton Hall Ballroom and learn how the open air life “friluftsliv” is the foundation of the Norwegian culture and lifestyle.

Friluftsliv means spending time outside and experiencing nature first-hand. The word Friluftsliv was first introduced in print by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1859.

International Education Week is a joint initiative of the Department of Education and the Department of State, highlighting the important benefits of international education and international exchanges in the U.S. and around the World. Each year, the International Education Week events promote classroom activities and materials focused on international subjects and our international counterparts. CIIE sponsors many activities during this week here at Kent State University.

VisitNorway writes that people who spend time in Norwegian mountains, fjords and forests develop a greater understanding of interactions between species and the ecological balance, and are offered the possibility of recreation, rejuvenation and the benefits of increased physical activity and reduced stress levels through a connection with nature and quality time with friends and loved ones. Friluftsliv is a big part of Norwegians’ upbringing and every-day life; it’s what they seek on their days off, weekends and vacations.

Allemannsretten “the right to access” plays an important role in how Friluftsliv has evolved in Norway. “Allemannsretten“ directly translated “all man’s right” gives everyone in Norway a wide-ranging right of access to the countryside, originally a traditional right but since 1957 set out in the legislation through the Outdoor Recreation act.

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