Latest Poll: Clear majority for the opposition

Stortinget (The Grand Assembly). Photo: Magnus Fröderberg/

Stortinget (The Grand Assembly). Photo: Magnus Fröderberg/

The latest poll made by Respons for Aftenposten shows a clear majority for the opposition, just one month ahead of the Parliamentary election, with 80 seats for the red/green coalition and 89 for the non-socialist parties, reports Norway Post.

At least 85 seats are needed for a majority in the Norwegian Parliament.

“Polls go up and down. There is still lots of time before the elections, and we will do whatever we can in order to mobilize those who wish that our majority government should continue,” says Labor Party leader and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to Aftenposten.

Results for August:

Labor Party: 32.8 (-2.6) • Progress Party: 24.5 (-1.6) • Conservatives: 16.4 (+2.9) • Chr. Democrats: 6.8 (+1.0) • Socialist Left: 6.8 (+1.3) • Liberal Left: 5.3 (-0.3) • Agrarians: 5.2 (+0.9) • Red: 1.6 (-0.4)

Source: Norway Post / Aftenposten

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