Large Copper Deposit found in Kvalsund, Finnmark

Copper deposits in Kvalsund are greater than what was mined out of Røros in 300 years.

In a few years the production of copper and gold will make Finnmark into an important mining area in Europe. So far, copper deposits of 16 billion kroner has been mapped.

They dug and drilled in Kvalsund. Now Nussir mining company is drilling for more copper in the Ulveryggen in Repparfjord.

High demand

The world is hungry for this metal which is used in everything from coins and gutters to the power cables and in automobiles. Nussir needs a few more tens of millions to continue exploration. So far, they found copper worth 16-17 billion in Kvalsund.

The volume of occurrence in Repparfjord. The part we have drilled is already the size of what was taken out on all of Røros’ copper mines in 333 years of operation. So we are talking about a significant major incidence in a Norwegian context, “says director Øystein Rusfeldt.

Source: NRK

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