Lama releases second album titled “Look what you made us do”

Lama began as the solo project of Nils Martin Larsen (ex jaga jazzist), a young multi-instrumentalist from Oslo, Norway.

Lama – Beginning from Lama on Vimeo.

Lama’s first record was “Guidebook to Lamaland,” A record performed, recorded and produced over a period of 2 years by Larsen himself. It was released by the Oslo label Spoon Train Audio in January 2009. After recording of “Guidebook to Lamaland,” much has happened to this ambitious project, now featuring a 6-piece band sporting drums, 2 guitars, a bunch of keyboards, vocals, trumpet, samplers and drum machines, bass, noises and glockenspiel. Lama has become a full band.

After a packed live debut at the club Blå in Oslo, Lama has done great gigs all over Norway. With a focus on the visual aspects of their shows, Lama has done concerts that are out of the ordinary. With 2 of the best technicians in Norway controlling light and videos, the Lama show is intense, energic and very dynamic.

Swinging from highs inspired by Mogwais massive walls of guitar and the energy of bands like Mew and Motorpsycho and bringing it down to silent whispers with roots to Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens.

The day after the first-ever Lama show, the band was booked for the prestigious Øya Festival in 2008. Lama has played at more festivals like Punkt and numusic, more clubs around the country and creating chaos in a packed audience at one of the biggest stages at By;Larm 09. Lama also played as the main act at Rockefeller Music Hall during Oslo Jazz Festival this year. With the complex and well planned visual show in addition to the energy and power of the music, Lama can be a powerful experience.

The magazine XLR8R called Lama the number one new band at By;Larm, and the By;Larm official paper gave Lama rave reviews. Now the band has recorded their followup to “Guidebook to Lamaland.”

The album “Look what you made us do” debuted Sept. 7th on Spoon Train Audio, and is a more rock-based album than its more electronic sibling. This time around the whole band has joined in the recording, resulting in a record with screaming highs and subtle lows.

Lama – Then You´ll See from Lama on Vimeo.

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