Kryssord: Study Abroad — in Norway!

Brought to you by Andy Meyer

September is here and alas (or hurra!) the school year is nigh! To celebrate the coming academic year, each of the puzzles in this trio of mini-crosswords features one of the three largest universities in Norway.

There are a few curveballs in there. (For the third-largest university in Puzzle 3, for example, you might want to familiarize yourself with the institution’s logo!)

But this time, the puzzles are mostly in English. So get yourself a cup of coffee and give these crosswords the old college try!

Puzzle 1: The University of Trondheim (print version)

1. Norway’s largest institution of higher ed.
5. New York City and London neighborhoods
6. Increasingly popular urban transportation option
7. Term in biology class
8. Everything in Sweden

1. Inventor of dynamite and the world’s most famous peace prize
2. Norwegian consonant characteristic of the Østfold dialect (as opposed to the one in, say, Gudbrandsdalen)
3. Norwegian agcy. that evaluates foreign education
4. A good education has many of these
5. Nintendo’s biggest rival in the 1990s

Puzzle 2: The Royal Frederick University (print version)

1. Norway’s oldest institution of higher ed.
4. Quality of work graded C-, perhaps
6. One who barely gives a hoot?
8. Of the highest quality
9. Male offspring

1. Entertainers on base?
2. State of Luther College
3. Main train stop in the home of 1-Across
5. Wine starter?
7. Number of universities in Norway (discounting
university colleges and specialized universities)

Puzzle 3: Høyskolen i Oslo og Akershus (print version)

1. Norway’s third-largest university (recently renamed by
an American)
5. Famous razor maker (in philosophy class)
6. Ceremonial pillar of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people
7. Glengarry Glen Ross playwright
8. Bane ___ (Norwegian state-owned railway
infrastructure company)

1. One lies between Norway and the United States
2. Joe _____
3. Disgraced morning television personality Matt
4. – – –
5. Sniveling would-be heir to the chiefdom in the
Netflix series Norsemen (Vikingane in Norway)



Puzzle 1 solution

Puzzle 2 solution

Puzzle 3 solution

This article originally appeared in the September 2, 2022, issue of The Norwegian American.

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