Kryssord: På reise!

Three mini-crosswords to get you into travel mode

Brought to you by Andy Meyer

As the world emerges from pandemic fears and begins anew to experience the joys of travel, here are three mini-crosswords to help put you in the mood.

There are two relatively straightforward English-language crosswords with a travel theme. The third one has a sneaky trick in it related to a (frustratingly) common Norwegian travel phenomenon. Plus, the third one has English-language clues, but all the answers are in Norwegian. As always, no shame in a Norwegian-English dictionary (or a little Kryssord-2, 4-Down at the internet)! God reise!

Kryssord 1: På fly!

Vannrett (Across)
1. Continent that contains most of the world’s longest continuous railway
5. Put in an overhead compartment (or, with 4-Down, someone traveling for free)
6. Airline to call for a vacation to the Azores
7. Thing to use when your table is not in the upright and locked position

Loddrett (Down)
1. Second-in-command (abbr.)
2. ___ Alliance (airline partner group)
3. The tiniest bit of the Greek alphabet?
4. Where you are when you travel (or, see 5-Across)



Kryssord 2: Til sjøs!

Vannrett (Across)
1. Vessel for travel by sea
5. Target for 1-Down
6. “Vessel” a polar bear might use for travel by sea
7. Where a 1-Across might get tied up

Loddrett (Down)
1. Dept. to call for a 5-Across at a Bay Area 7-Across 2. Rainy travel destination on the Big Island
3. Erstwhile trim for a Camaro
4. Sneak a glance



Kryssord 3: Med jernbane!

Reminder: 1-Across in this puzzle is a bit of a riddle.
See below for a hint.

Vannrett (Across)
1. Vehicle for travel by rail
5. Norse namesake of Wednesday
6. Duvet
7. Seldom-mentioned part of a “crown”

Loddrett (Down)
1. Northern terminus of Norway’s passenger rail system
2. Monstrous beast
3. Third-person reflexive plural possessive pronoun
4. Snow in northern Norway

Hint for 1-Across: The answer plays on an all-too-common travel woe for rail travelers in Norway, especially during periods of rail construction. Travelers encountering this woe will see a three-word phrase on their itinerary that tells you how to fill in 1-Across.


Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

This article originally appeared in the February 2023 issue of The Norwegian American.

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