Kryssord for Syttende mai

Kryssord for Syttende maiANDY MEYER

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This is the first crossword Andy Meyer has constructed. As a bit of a crossword nut, he hopes you’ll forgive him for breaking a couple crossword rules (e.g., words fewer than three letters).

It is a bilingual crossword. Answers that are in Norwegian are marked with (N) and answers in English are marked with (E).

Lykke til!

Vannrett (Across)

1. With 23- and 39-Across, how long the Riksforsamling in 1814 pledged to remain “enige og tro” (N) 

6. “I see” (E)

8. It’s forbidden in Norway (N) 

9. Convenience often consulted on a phone (especially by a 31-Down driver) (E)

11. Big twitch (E)

13. One might fish from it (E)

15. Norwegian-American affirmative? (E)

16. Kommune i Hallingdal (N/E)

18. Repetitive NRK radio show? (N)

19. Directions for a line of cars? (N) 

21. Traditionally, children get to eat as much of this as they want on Syttende mai (N)

23. See 1-Across (N)

24. Alien who “will be right here” (E)

25. Winter destination with a Norwegian word in it (E)

27. Earnings (N) 

28. Biol. substance in a coronavirus (E)

30. Modest temporary dwelling (e.g., for fishermen) (N) 

32. Writer Rand and others (E)

33. Nerd (E)

35. The Viking ___ (ca. 800-1066) (E)

37. Min ___-far kom fra Lillehammer (My great-grandfather came from Lillehammer) (N) 

38. This one is 2020 (N) 

39. See 1-Across (N)

Loddrett (Down)

1. Teeny (E)

2. California valley visited by oenophiles (E)

3. Sports org. whose season was suspended by the coronavirus (E)

4. Heinie (E)

5. Vitsen fikk meg til å ___. (The joke got me to laugh.) (N) 

6. Unit of electrical current (E)

7. Short Japanese poem about a bovine shark in Norway? (E or N?)

10. Indicated (N)

12. It makes things move (E)

14. Endelig ___ barna seg ned etter all den isen. (Finally the children calmed themselves down after all that ice cream.) (N) 

17. Norwegian American making romantic promises? (N or E?) 

20. Famed hotel in Oslo with great window seats for the Syttende mai parade (N/E)

21. Øy i México (S)

22. De lo og ___ på Syttende mai. (They laughed and joked around on Syttende mai.) (N) 

23. Norwegian doing a jig (N) 

26. Etter 17. mai, 1814, måtte Norge ___ union med Sverige. (After May 17, 1814, Norway had to enter a union with Sweden.) (N) 

29. Off-base? (Abbr.) (E)

30. Venerable historian (E)

31. Super way to get a ride? (E)

34. What few of today’s Norwegians would be in school upon moving to the U.S. (E)

36. Contingency (E)

See our May 22 issue for the answer key.

This article originally appeared in the May 8, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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Andy Meyer

Andy Meyer is a literature and language teacher with over 15 years of experience in colleges, universities, and independent high schools. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Washington and teaches Norwegian there. In 2015-2016, he was a Fulbright Roving Scholar in Norway.