Kryssord — To the mountains!


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Note: This is a bilingual crossword, with Norwegian-language answers marked with (N) and English-language answers marked with (E). Lykke til!

Vannrett (Across)

1 British rock band, ___ Heep (E)

6 It makes you a sweater (N)

10 Highest mountain in Lofoten and Vesterålen (N)

14 A homer gets you four of ’em (E)

15 Speechlessness from anger, figuratively (E)

16 “Saturday Night Live star Bryant

17 Norway’s national mountain (N/E)

19 Five hundred sheets (E)

23 Abbr. often found on cornerstones (E)

24 Push it to get out (E)

25 Behind in the British Isles (E)

26 A thread must go through it to sew (E)

28 The great outdoors in Norway (N)

34 State agcy. usually responsible for wildlife protection (E)

35 Norwegian sweater maker (or its hometown in Vestlandet) (N/E)

36 Supermodel played by Angelina (E)

39 South Asian flatbread (E)

42 That woman in France (F)

43 Mountain often photographed from Reine (N)

46 Trickster of Norse myth (N/E)

47 Thoughtless on a horse? (E)

52 Norwegian first name that isn’t Odd? (N)

53 Mountain in Dovre that inspires architects? (N)

54 Just (E)

55 Region in India known for tea (E)

Loddrett (Down)

1 Actor Thurman (E)

Yell! (N)

3 Texter’s solicitation of input (Abbr.) (E)

4 Apocryphal downfall of Cleopatra (E)

5 Throat (N)

6 Kommune i Hadeland (N)

7 Brook (E)

8 What are often taken at a carnival (E)

9 Former boy band fronted by Justin Timberlake (E)

11 Search (N)

12 Those no longer with us? (E)

13 Utilizes passively? (N)

18 Rustic, outdoorsy poem (Var.) (E)

19 Winner of WWII’s Battle of Britain (E)

20 Be on the side of caution? (E)

21 ___ live and breathe! (E)

22 Combine (E)

27 Språksjov host Linda (N)

29 Sten (80) who waited 30 years to marry her partner Brith (84) in the Norwegian church on June 23, 2020 ( (N)

30 Old French bread? (E)

31 Actor Kilmer (E)

32 Letter that can be thick or thin in Norway (E)

33 Help for a driver? (E)

36 Shapeless, muddy figure of Jewish folklore (E)

37 Amo in English (E)

38 Inquisitive kommune southwest of Oslo? (N)

40 First man in Spain? (S)

41 Sønnen til broren din (N)

44 Producer of the cheese on Grandiosa frozen pizzas (N)

45 St. Olaf-based org. of interest to many readers of this newspaper (E)

48 Electric guitar pioneer Paul (E)

49 ___ a Wonderful Life (E)

50 Flight board info (E)

51 Counterpart of ewe (E)

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This article originally appeared in the July 10, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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