Krumkake takes over first place from kransekake

Some things get better over time


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Krumkake may be the oldest cookie in Norway, but it is still the most popular one at Christmastime.

Did you know that krumkaker is the oldest Christmas cookie known to Norwegians? Now that traditions are generally popular, it is at the top of the list of Christmas cookie or cake favorites.

“Krumkaker have fought their way back to the top of the list of people’s favorite cakes. It goes well with the fact that traditional food is more important this year,” says Torunn Nordbø, head of bread and grain recipes at Matprat via email to NTB.

A new survey carried out by Opinion, on behalf of Matprat and the Information Office for Bread and Grain, shows that 13% have krumkake as their favorite for Christmas this year, and no other cookie can beat that.

Close to the top

Krumkakene was No. 3 in 2021 and No. 2 last year, while this year it surpasses kranskake, which 11% have chosen as their favorite, down to second place. Incidentally, kransekake is not counted among the traditional seven types of cookies, but it has been served at festive occasions for a long time in Norway.

“On this year’s list, there are only krumkaker, pepperkaker (gingerbread snaps), and smultringer (donuts), which have traditionally been counted among the seven types of Christmas cookies,” says Nordbø.

Brune pinner (roughly translated as “brown sticks”) and gingerbread cookies share third place with 9% each, while Sarah Bernhardt cookies and smultringer each can claim 7% of the fan base.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB
Krumkake with multekrem is a favorite Christmas dessert.

The joy of baking

Five percent have chosen havreflarn (Norwegian oatmeal cookies) as their favorite, a cookie that only entered the list in recent years.

“Part of the reason may be that they are easier to make and that they get eaten,” says Nordbø.

Krumkaker also score well in terms of popularity among hobby bakers and on the dessert table: 36% answer that they bake the krumkaker themselves—only pepperkaker can beat that. 47% prefer these to be home baked.

There is the same ranking of dessert favorites for Christmas Eve as in previous years. The dessert winner is riskrem (rice pudding), which 38% have chosen as their favorite. In second place with 18% comes multekrem (cloudberry cream), a dessert for which krumkake is a natural accompaniment. Ten percent will have karamellpudding (caramel pudding).

At a regional level, there are clearly more people—one in four—in northern Norway and central Norway who eat more multekrem than in the rest of the country.

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