Kongsberg Maritime extends scope of portable classroom concept


Kongsberg Maritime has introduced a version of its portable classroom based on its K-Chief 500 automation system. The portable classroom concept enables Kongsberg Maritime to provide product training courses anywhere in the world. The new version has been developed in response to the growing numbers of K-Chief 500 automation systems being installed on new vessels and the subsequent customer demand for training.

“The K-Chief portable classroom is stored in a robust Pelicase, which can be sent anywhere, from conference rooms to ships world wide. This gives the customer greater flexibility and is more cost efficient. Instead of the client sending their course participants to us, we can travel to them,” said course instructor Frode Rønningen.

The K-Chief 500 portable classroom is set up for both operator and technical courses, and consists of eight operator stations connected as a K-Chief 500 network. They are also connected to a watch calling system and Kongsberg Maritime Distributed Processing Units (DPUs), in order to simulate digital and analogue I/O signals.

The portable classroom concept was first introduced by Kongsberg Maritime during summer 2006, and has proven to be a popular solution for customers as it enables them to host the training courses at their own premises or even onboard vessels. As staff don’t need to travel to a dedicated Kongsberg Maritime training centre the portable classroom provides far greater convenience whilst providing a way to lower the cost of training.

“The portable classroom isn’t designed to replace training at our worldwide dedicated training centres,” continues Rønningen. “In our stationary classrooms we have access to a wider range of equipment, such as the fully operated PMS switchboard. However, the portable classroom provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative that can still enable high quality training.”

Source: Scandoil.com

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