King wants more inclusion in sports

Visit to Vålerenga Football in Oslo underlines the importance of team spirit

Sports inclusion

Photo: Terje Perderson / NTB
King Harald visited Vålerenga Football in Oslo to learn more about children’s and youth sports, with a focus on inclusion.


King Harald heard more about children’s and youth sports and inclusion in Norwegian sports when he visited Vålerenga Football on Sept. 6.

King Harald was met by cheers and steady applause from children and young people when he arrived at Vålerenga’s home turf at Valle in Oslo. Here, the king was welcomed by children from Valle Hovin Sports Kindergarten, young players in Vålerenga  and the team Gatelaget.

The purpose of visit was to learn more about  children’s and youth sports as well as inclusion in Norwegian sports. The king met both grassroots and top-level representatives of Norwegian  soccer. 

Among other things, he heard about Vålerenga’s strong community involvement. It was noted the capital team has over 1,400 members from 74 nationalities.

Esprit de corps

“Playing on a team is like having another family,” said Elida Næss Sæthre, who plays on Vålerenga girls’ team. Together with teammate Tara Singer-Djahromi and coach Tom Tveråsen, she talked  about youth soccer during the pandemic and the unity of the team.

King Harald also learned how Vålerenga sports program works for inclusion and community for all children and young people as well as what life is like as a football professional in VIF. At the end of the visit, King Harald was presented with a Vålerenga uniform with the Roman numeral “V” and the inscription “HaraldR.”

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 17, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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