Karen Hankee earns her Gold Medal in Rosemaling

Rosemaling developed in Norway about 200 years ago, and was revived by Norwegian Americans in about 1930. It continues to be one of the most popular and refined of the Norwegian arts and crafts in the U.S. Photo: www.rosemaling.org

It’s took almost 30 years of rosemaling and plenty of patience, but Karen Hankee of rural Westby, WI finally earned her Vesterheim Gold Medal after compiling enough Blue Ribbon points during the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museums National Exhibition of Folk Art in the Norwegian Tradition held July 18-25, in conjunction with the Nordic Fest in Decorah, Iowa.

Hankee, who paints Telemark style, earned her first Blue Ribbon points in 2003 and one ribbon at a time she finally accumulated enough points to attain her Gold Medal status.

She won her Gold Medal after earning three Blue Ribbon points for an ale bowl she carved herself by hand and then rosemaled for the 2009 event. In rosemaling blue ribbons hold a value of three points, red ribbons two points, white ribbons one point and artists earn a Gold Medal after accumulating a total of 24 points.

Once exhibitors become Gold Medalists they no longer compete for ribbons at the annual event, but may submit pieces to be judged for the Best of Show Award. Hankee also earned an Honorable Mention Award for a corner cupboard.

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