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God jul og godt nyttår! This year’s Christmas Crossword is once again bilingual. Clues with a Norwegian-language answer are marked with (N) while clues with an English-language answer are marked with (E). If your Norwegian is rusty, remember, there’s no shame in getting a little help from the internet! Få deg en kopp kaffe og en koselig stol og lykke til!

Vannrett (Across)

1 The Norwegian name for the kind of lefse most common in Norwegian America (N)

6 “Best i ___” (marketing phrase on some Norwegian products) (N)

10 Edgar ___ Poe

11 One of Sámi Poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää’s Sámi names

12 Det som norske barn håper de ikke finner under juletreet (N)

14 Fortune (E)

15 Recede (E)

17 County in Norway (N)

19 At Thanksgiving, it’s often pumpkin (E)

20 Dagger’s partner? (E)

21 Say, “Hmmm…,” say (E)

23 Rope (or the village opposite Stavanger via Ryfast, the world’s longest undersea road tunnel) (N)

24 A man with Common Sense (E)

25 Fitting (E)

26 Earl (N)

27 Den som forhåpentligvis ikke gir deg 12-across til jul (N)

32 Lincoln, et al. (E)

33 ____-Scandinavia (E)

34 Part of Norway where you’re likely to read nynorsk (E)

35 Et lite stykke snø (N)

Loddrett (Down)

1 Liten sau (N)

2 Classic Pacific Northwest beer, for short (E)

3 A man with a dream, for short (E)

4 Spanish rice dish (S/E)

5 A chunk of crushed rock (N)

6 Det du må si likevel, etter at du får 12-across til jul (N)

7 Løvtre kjent for styrke (N)

8 Hit the snooze button, for example (E)

9 Controversial structure in parts of Norway, recently (E)

13 With a little 14-across, you might have one in your hand (E)

16 Pitch (N)

17 Chatterbox (E)

18 Go-to internet source for almost any DIY project these days (E)

20 “L” agency (E)

21 Import/export tax (E)

22 Med vennlig ___ (N)

24 Gresk gud med bein som en geit og en fløyte (N)

26 Surely you ___ (E)

28 Guitar pioneer Paul (E)

29 «Vend i tide, det er ingen skam å ___.» (en av Fjellvettreglene) (N)

30 Stykke jord med gress og blomster (N)

31 Thick holiday drink, in brief (E)

See our Jan 7, 2022, issue for the answer key.

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