Jotun launches most advanced cool paint for concrete facades

Director of Jotun (Malaysia) Peder Bohlin.

Norwegian-based Jotun Paints, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints and coatings, has launched its newest product – ‘Jotashield Extreme’, boasting heat reflective technology that leads to cooler painted surfaces and lower indoor temperature.

Using cutting edge pigment technology, ‘Jotashield Extreme’ reflects up to two times more heat energy from the sun. As a result of the advanced reflective feature of the paint that cools paint, building interior walls are quickly cooled, lowering overall electricity consumption since less air-conditioning is required, so house owners can enjoy energy savings!

By allowing longer protection for colors with Jotun’s advanced UV resistant pigment technology, ‘Jotashield Extreme’ colors have been proven to last two times longer than that of standard paints. The revolutionary 2x Heat Reflective technology and 2x UV Protection developed for ‘Jotashield Extreme’ helps enhance product durability and customers can enjoy an eight-year warranty of the product, one of the longest warranties provided in the market.

‘Jotashield Extreme’ offers a complete protection system of 8 years performance based on three key factors: Firstly, proven special tropical climate formula enhances maximum durability against harsh tropical weather. The paint has a heat reflective feature that multiplies the cooling factor by two times, speeding up the cooling process as compared to standard paints. This quick cooling function allows less chemical reaction on the paint and extends the performance of the paint.  With a unique 2x UV Protected Colors feature that utilizes UV resistant pigment technology is used to lock in the colors, the paint colors are more fade resistant when exposed to sunlight.

“‘Jotashield Extreme’ has been certified for Green Label under the Singapore Environment Council and is a completely green compliance product. It also meets International Green Label standards for tropical climates as ‘Jotashield Extreme’ does not contain any harmful materials or chemicals.

‘Jotashield Extreme’ comes in 112 colors and has been formulated to be Multicolor Tintable as Jotun is the global pioneer in in-shop tinting systems and the only one in the region to adapt this cool pigment technology into its Multicolor Tinting system.


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