Holme knows how to deport Mullah Krekar

Jørn Holme was appointed as Director General of The Norwegian Police Security Service for a term of six years by the King in Council in 2004. Photo: PST

Outgoing Director General of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) Jørn Holme believes he knows how the Norwegian authorities could solve the problem with former guerilla leader Mullah Krekar and be able to return him to Iraq, reports Norway Post.

Former head of the Kurdish guerrilla group Ansar al-Islam in Northern Iraq, Mullah Krekar, was given refugee status in Norway in 1991, but the Norwegian High Court has since declared that he is a risk to the nation’s security, and that he must be expelled.

However, up to now the Norwegian authorities have said that the situation in Iraq is not yet such that Krekar can be guaranteed security, and that returning Krekar to Iraq would therefore be a breach of human rights.

In a recent meeting with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Holme presented a plan for how the problem could be solved, including a return of Mullah Krekar to Iraq, NRK reports.

However, Holme does not want to reveal the plan, and believes it will take some time before Krekar may be returned to his home country.

PST is part of the Norwegian police service. Administratively, and in their preventive activity, PST reports directly to the Ministry of Justice. In criminal investigations and prosecution matters, PST are under the authority of the Director General of Public Prosecutions and the Public Prosecutors’ Offices.

Source: Norway Post / NRK

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