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American songwriter bringing band to Oslo for biggest concert in Norway yet

Jason Isbell

Photo: Bryan Ledgard / Wikimedia Commons American songwriter Jason Isbell in concert

Gitte Johannessen

American star Jason Isbell is bringing his band, The 400 Unit, to Oslo Spektrum on Nov. 6, 2020. Between now and then, his Norwegian fans can look forward to new music. His new album, “Reunions,” is set to be released May 15, and the first single from the record, “Be Afraid,” came out already the week of Feb. 10. The performer himself calls the upcoming album his “best yet.”

Isbell has visited Norway a number of times but was most recently in Oslo to play the outdoor music festival, Piknik i Parken (Picnic in the Park). But his performance at Oslo Spektrum is set to be his—and the band’s—biggest ever concert in the country.

“Jason Isbell is one of his generation’s greatest songwriters; it is truly an enormous pleasure to confirm that he will be bringing his band, The 400 Unit, to Oslo in November. This will be a Friday evening at Oslo Spektrum not to be missed,” said concert arranger Stian Pride of FKP Scorpio.

Isbell told NTB that he writes songs that deal with regular people, with their struggles, with the political systems that fail them—just like love.

And they also have a lot to do with his own upbringing, he said. “I was a lonely kid, who was by myself a lot. This is my way of expressing myself and connecting more closely with other people.”

At the same time, Isbell also seeks to provide a good listening experience.

“A song should be beautiful and memorable, with a good melody. Once it has that, it can have meaningful lyrics,” he said to NTB.

This article originally appeared in the February 21, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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