Internal migrations, Decreased centralization in 2009

Population MigrationIn 2009 – 200,500 persons moved between municipalities in Norway; a mobility on the same level as in previous years. Migration nevertheless was less centralized than for several years.

Internal net in-migration by centrality

Due to the financial crisis, a decreased mobility was expected for 2009 as migration had started to slow down during autumn 2008. The decrease proved to be minimal, and mobility in 2009 was at approximately the same level as in 2003-2005. It decreased considerably more during the last period of economic problems, in the early 1990s.

Small out-migration from Western Norway

The largest change in the migration pattern in 2009 was a noticeable decrease in net out-migration from Western Norway, reaching the lowest level since 1971. The net flows between the parts of the country on the whole were small in 2009 compared to the previous year. Six counties saw approximately the same number of persons moving to the county as from, and the migration surplus decreased in Oslo, Akershus and the four South-Eastern counties. Correspondingly, the net flows from Northern Norway and particularly Western Norway decreased.

Decrease in centralization continues

Every year since the early 1980s more people have moved from peripheral to more central areas than vice versa. Even though the direction of the migration flow is stable, there are considerable variations as to how centralized the migrations are. The migration surplus of the most central municipalities has decreased over the last three years. Simultaneously, the migration deficit of the least central municipalities has also decreased. Accordingly, Norway is in the middle of a period of relatively moderate centralization. The last period with less centralized migrations was during the downward economic trend of the early 1990s.

Source: Statistics Norway

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