Film review GEIR MÆLAND Films of Norway People are traveling from all over the world to the north of Norway (in the summertime) to experience “the midnight sun.” It sounds simple enough: See the sun at midnight.  Exciting yes, but also a part of the story is that during this time of the year, it does not get dark! There is daylight 24 hours around the clock, every day. Sounds nice, uplifting, energizing ... and it could be, but my sister went there once, and she called me up while she was there and said, “Geir, it is beautiful, but I can’t sleep—it never gets dark, and I am exhausted from lack of sleep.” This is the backdrop of the movie that I am going to talk about in this review. Insomnia is set in the north of Norway and has a fine little twist about a detective who is not used to 24-hour daylight and lack of sleep. Challenging for anyone, even if you are on holi
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Geir Mæland

Geir Mæland is the founder and manager of Films of Norway, a Norwegian film-streaming service based in Stavanger, Norway.

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