Increased sales of petroleum products in July

In July, total sales of petroleum products amounted to 828 million liters; an increase of 5.5 per cent or 43 million liters compared to July last year.

Sales of auto diesel ended at 262 million liters in July this year, which is 24 million liters or 10.2 per cent more than in July last year. At the same time, the prices of auto diesel increased by 8.4 per cent or NOK 0.91. In July, a liter of auto diesel cost on average NOK 11.70. Sales of auto diesel made up 32 per cent of the total sale of petroleum products. Sales of motor gasoline amounted to 157 million liters in July; 4.9 per cent or 8 million liters less than the same period last year.

Sales of marine gas and diesel oils made up 19 per cent of total sales of petroleum products in July. Sales ended at 161 million liters; a small increase of 0.2 per cent or a quarter of a million liters.

Source: Statistics Norway

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