Imam in Norway charged with the use of violence

Drammen. Photo:

Drammen. Photo:


The police in Drammen have charged an imam from a local mosque of having used violence against children. He has allegedly hit children with a stick if they came late or failed to learn their assignment.

Three mosques have been investigated by the police after a Drammen public school informed them that children were afraid to be spanked when they attended the Koran school.

“The children have reportedly been hit over the fingers or the back with a stick,” says police inspector Nina Bjørlo to Drammens Tidende. She says the police have received reports about children having been exposed to violence from as far back as 2002.

The reports have been received from anonymous sources, as parents have been afraid to come forward, fearing reprisals.  The imam in question this time has denied the charges, according to the police.

Source: Norway Post / NRK

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