Illegal to use iPad in Norway if it is not approved for use in Europe, warns Post and Telecommunications Authority.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

iPad has to be CE-marked

Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) is reminiscent in a statement that the iPad on an equal basis with other electronic radio equipment to be used in Norway, must be approved for use in this country.

It means that the product has to have the CE mark. An EU approval also applies to the EEA country Norway.

Label is a guarantee that all directives that have to do with security, are met.

PT encourage anyone who is traveling outside of Europe, to look for the CE mark when buying an iPad or similar electronic equipment.

Illegal for private individuals

It is illegal for individuals to use products not approved for the Norwegian and European market, and such equipment may be withheld in customs. Imports for the resale of such equipment is not allowed, “says PT.

The problem is that non CE-approved  radio and telecommunications terminal equipment can cause interference to other equipment, as we have a different type of regulation that limit transmission power in Europe than in the U.S., explains the head of the NPT, Tor Bringsverd.

PT is not, however, does not know if the first iPad-one that is released in the U.S. market are CE-approved or not.

Feedback from our readers suggests rather that all iPad are CE marked, and in this sense fully valid to use here at home. Something that is supported by a report from the U.S. Postal and Telecommunications Authority FCC. has asked Apple about the status of CE marking on iPad-one that have so far been sold, but as late as this evening it is not confirmed whether all the iPad devices are CE marked.

“We are still working to bring the facts is clear,” said press spokesman for Apple, Petter Ahrnstedt.

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