“I Am Nature” photography exhibit by Amina Bech

Amina Bech presents I Am Nature

Trygve Lie Gallery is proud to present the work of Norwegian artist Amina Bech

Bech grew up on a farm in Norway in a house that once was a chicken coop. Outside the house was a large oak she often climbed or sat beneath. One day while climbing, she fell, but her boot caught on one of the branches and she ended up hanging upside down by one foot before being rescued by her mother. While hanging there she did not make a sound, just looked at the view up among the branches.

Now later as a professional photographer Bech returns to this view she describes as “Pollockesque”. “I am Nature” is a series of photographs of trees printed on large aluminum circles. The round shape is partly a comment on her profession, as Kodak’s very first camera, the No. 1 Kodak provided round images, and also a comment on coming full circle by tying her current work to her childhood. The title of the exhibit is derived from Jackson Pollock’s answer to Hofman’s question “do you work from nature?” Pollock’s answer was “I am Nature”.

Amina Bech has BA in scenography/new media from HiØ and her work evolves and shifts between visual and performance art, most notably with the performance group The Hungry Hearts who perform frequently in Norway and Europe. Her photography has previously been exhibited in Norway, Japan, China and the USA.

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Where: Trygve Lie Gallery, The Norwegian Church, 317 East 52nd St., New York (betw. 1. and 2. Avenues)

When: Opening Reception Thursday, October 1, 6-8 pm. Exhibition on view through Oct 26.

Info: Call (212) 319-0370, Opening hours: Monday – Thurs: 12-7pm, Friday – Sun: 1-5pm.

Subway: 6, E or V to 51st/53rd St. & Lexington Ave.

Admission is free, and the exhibit is open to the public.

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