Hurum wins Emerging Explorers prize from National Geographic

jorn Hurum

Palaeontologist Jørn Hurum won $10,000 for his discoveries of prehistoric giant sea reptiles on Svalbard.

Norwegian palaeontologist Jørn Hurum has been awarded the National Geographic Society’s Emerging Explorers prize for his important finds of prehistoric giant sea reptiles on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Hurum is chief palaeontologist at the University of Oslo’s Natural History Museum and is the first Norwegian to receive this prize.

The $10,000 prize was also awarded for Hurum’s ability to communicate the results of his findings to the media and the public.

Hurum has led six expeditions to Svalbard. Among his finds were the remains of the world’s largest Pliosaurus, which measured 15 meters in length.

Source: The Norway Post

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