Hospital strike is over

HospitalThe strike in the hospitals is over after the Union and the Spekter agreed on mediation initiative man on Monday night.

The almost 1,000 striking Union members are to resume work which is so common in hospitals starting the beginning of work on Tuesday morning.

“The result is not so clear as equal pay that Union could have wished, but central-term adjustments to minimum wage rates is an important step in the right direction,” said chief negotiator for the Union in the Spekter-området, Lisbeth Normann.

Was able to prioritize

Deputy Managing Director Anne-Kari Bratten of the employer association Spekter said that the agreement “within responsible financial framework.”

“While we have been able to prioritize the groups which are particularly described in the equal pay commission report. I am glad that the strike is now terminated and that patients do not suffer anymore,” says Bratten.


“We are very relieved that we got a solution to the issue of financing of the reform where women working in shifts equal to men in shifts. Women should not pay for this reform, gender equality, was a mandatory requirement from our side,” says Normann.

Still in the municipality

“The agreement between the Union and Spekter was obtained at 4:15 on Tuesday Morning, after the parties met at 2am,” said mediator Reidun Wallevik.

From Wednesday morning it was announced an expansion of the hospital strike of 1,174 Union-organized members.

At the same time the strike continued for about 6,000 Union-organized workers in the municipalities, with the exception of Oslo which is a separate tariff area and where the agreement was reached after one and half days of mediation on overtime.

Source: NRK

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