Highest turnover for waste collection

RecyclingWaste activities and materials recovery contributed with 88.9 per cent of the turnover within water, sewerage and waste in 2008, which amounted to NOK 22.5 billion.

The turnover for waste activities and materials recovery consisted of NOK 9.5 billion from waste collection, NOK 1.7 billion from waste treatment and disposal and NOK 2.6 billion from materials recovery.

Total turnover for water, sewerage and waste rose by 12.4 per cent compared to 2007. The increase was highest within materials recovery (up NOK 1.2 billion or 18.3 per cent), and sewerage was the only industry with a decline in turnover (down NOK 9 million pr 1 per cent).

Total value added (at factor prices) amounted to NOK 6.2 billion (up 3.7 per cent). Waste collection was the largest industry with a value added of NOK 5.3 billion (85.2 per cent of the total).

Most employees within waste collection

There were 9,524 persons employed within water, sewerage and waste in 2008. A total of 81.4 per cent of these (7,756 persons) were employed within waste activities and materials recovery. Of those employed in waste activities and materials recovery, 4,791 worked within waste collection.

Total investments amounted to NOK 2.5 billion. Approximately NOK 2.2 billion were investments within waste activities and materials recovery.

Enterprise figures for water, sewerage and waste

There were 1,046 enterprises within water, sewerage and waste in 2008, and together these employed 9,678 persons. Total turnover at enterprise level was just under NOK 22.5 billion (up 11.6 per cent) and total investments were NOK 2.6 billion (up 30.9 per cent).

Source: Statistics Norway

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