Here's robotic barn

The animals seem to thrive in Oster-barn spa. PHOTO: JO Hjelle

The animals seem to thrive in Oster-barn spa. PHOTO: JO Hjelle

New times for both farmers and animals.

At the end of a narrow and winding road lies on the farm Njåstad Oster.

While others give up and give up farming, has Svein Jarle Njåstad built a new barn where the computer gives a relief.

“It is easier to be a pawn in this way,” he says.

Having risen at five every morning in all the years, he can now sleep later while a robot takes care of the milking event.

Animal welfare

The cows know yourself where they should go and what they should do.

“We were prepared for the big problem the first time. But the animals were quickly out of it all, ” says Kjerstin Njåstad.

Today there are 40 cows that goes in unattached business in the new barn, but there is room for 20 more.

Milk quotas they have rented or bought from other farmers giving up farming.


A large yellow brush hanging from the ceiling. When a cow comes to touch, the brush begins to go around.

“This taught them too fast,” he says

“They stood in line to get familiar with the brush. We were almost afraid they would be harmed by the rigid brush, says Kjerstin.

All the barns will be built in this way in 2024.


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