Here are this year's 17 May hit – bunad tie

Ties from Graffer-drakten. Photo: jkjk

Ties from Graffer-drakten. Photo: Sptzbrgn

Crown Prince Haakon has one. So also has a-ha-Magne and Kåre Magnus Bergh. Dare you to show your bunad tie at Syttende Mai?

The ties are inspired by embroidery items from some of Norway’s best-selling women’s costumes, and crafts, which have previously distinguished themself strongly against any kind of dilution of costume traditions.

“I think it’s funny. Creative,” says general manager at Husfliden in Bodø, Siri Johanne Krogh.

But would Husfliden be ready to make spin-off products of the proud, strong bunad?

“We are obviously against dilution, but the world is yet to come. As I understand the ties are made of pure Norwegian wool and Rauma Yarn, and that’s helping to promote the original,” says Krogh to

She is no stranger to that ties one day can be sold over the counter at Husfliden.

“No, who knows? Their was actually a man in here yesterday and asked if we had them” she laughs.

Costume police: – Glad they did not stock mobile bags

The costume and folk costume Council, which operates with documentation, research and dissemination of folk dress and costume, is positive innovation.

“It’s a fun idea, to use the old cultural elements into new garments. This may even help to create greater interest in bunad embroidery,” says section head Anne Kristin Moe.

She can vouch for ties because they are not directly accessory to the costume.

“We see the time that people use historically accurate accessories, costumes, and then it is obvious that such mobile bag with costume embroidery may not be what we are most happy,” says Moe.

“In addition, the tie is not a substitute for anything original, it will never directly compete with the national costume, and then it’s fine for us,” says Moe to

Packages tie all night

Tanja Holmen designer Sptzbrgn am glad that they did not have people in costume discipline on the neck after they launched ties.

“It’s extra nice that costume and people dress Council, mountains in Oslo and other heavyweights in the costume course, we mean doing something exciting and innovative with the costume tradition, and that we maintain high academic quality of what we are doing,” she said.

And demand has been quite the past few days.

“We have had hundreds of inquiries on the Internet and telephone, tens of thousands of hits on our website ” said Holmen, which currently packages bunad ties through the night and send out to people who have ordered the tie in the agency’s webshop.

Source: NRK

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