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Sissel has released a new song for Valentine’s Day.

Sissel released two Christmas EPs before the holidays and managed to play 19 of 22 Christmas concerts in Scandinavia before the pandemic canceled the last three concerts of the tour. Now, she starts the new year with new music. The beautiful love song “I Rest My Eyes” was released on Feb. 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Since Sissel released her first debut album at the age of 16, she has had great success, both domestically and internationally. In Norway, she is described as a national treasure, and even after almost four decades in the business, she is still as relevant as ever. In 2019, she turned 50 years old and marked her jubilee by releasing her “Reflections” project, consisting of 50 new recordings of timeless records selected from the 1920s up until today. In 2022, she is ready to release completely new material.

“It is always special to be a part of the songwriting process. To be present in the shaping of the expression; what the story is, what I wish to say. ‘I Rest My Eyes’ is my first song out this year, but I can hint … that there may be more newly written songs coming in 2022. Some good has come of the “home office” situation during the pandemic”, tells Sissel. ‘I Rest My Eyes’ is a love song about longing after your lover; when you are lying alone and looking at the stars, dreaming back to the time where you were in their arms. It wasn’t hard for me to relate to the story, from when I was laying in the dark by Randsfjorden with the starlight sky above me. Since ‘I Rest My Eyes’ is a love song, written during the pandemic, a time reminding us of the importance of our loved ones, and therefore I felt it was perfectly suited for this year’s Valentine’s Day,” Sissel concludes.

>>> CLICK HERE to listen to Sissel’s special Valentine’s Day song, “I Rest My Eyes”

I Rest My Eyes

I Rest My Eyes
Lyrics by Sissel Kyrkjebø and Ernst Ravnaas

I rest my eyes on starry night
Stars all can see such shiny light
The stars above are far away
I close my eyes and see the day

The day when you were here with me
I saw you smile so tenderly
With eyes like stars all shining bright
You whispered please, please hold me tight

Come hold me now, come back to me
Let´s live it all again and see
The stars above so far away
Wish you were here for night and day
I close my eyes.

I try to sleep; it seems in vain
It´s not the night that ease my pain
I rest my eyes on starry night
And whisper please, please hold me tight

Come hold me now, come back to me
Let´s live it all again and see
The stars above so far away
Wish you were here for night and day
I rest my eyes.

Sissel talks about “I Rest My Eyes” and her new musical project:


Visit Sissel’s website at sisselmusic.com.

Read an exclusive interview with Sissel, “Sissel sings from the heart in Salt Lake City,” by Lori Ann Reinhall, The Norwegian American, Aug. 9, 2019.

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