DnB Nor: Half-million customers in sight for SMS banking

Banking services via SMS are no longer for technophiles. Close to 500 000 customers in Norway have discovered that banking is mobile, reports DnB Nor.

This summer, 60 000 customers tried DnB NOR’s SMS services for the first time, and the number of SMSs sent increased by half a million from May to June this year.

“As the leading bank in the market for mobile banking services, we are fast approaching 500 000 SMS customers,” says Ingjerd Blekeli Spiten (photo), head of Internet banking and mobile services in DnB NOR.

Not just balance inquiries

This summer, through DnB NOR’s SMS campaign in all marketing channels, customers have discovered the full range of the bank’s SMS services. 13.5 per cent of all SMS services used are for services other than balance inquiries.

“During the holiday period, SMS alerts in particular increased in popularity. For example, many have chosen to receive alerts notifying receipt of e-invoices (eFaktura) as well as alerts signalling card activity above a certain amount,” says Spiten.

Easy and mobile

“Banking services sent via SMS are very simple to use. You do not need a code device or BankID and this is probably why SMS services have become DnB NOR’s fastest growing distribution channel ever,” says Spiten.

SMS services are activated for the first time from the Internet bank. Customers can then perform banking services by sending SMSs using various code words to 04800, wherever they are in the world.

The young most active

Young adults are the most active users of SMS banking. 19-20 year olds are the most enthusiastic users, but those between 20 and 40 are not far behind. The popularity of the service falls among those over 40.

“The average age will increase as the service becomes more widely known. Being able to receive balance information simply and quickly is important for those who have to keep tight control over their personal finances, whereas transfer services and alerts become more important when customers manage a larger number of invoices and more complicated finances,” reasons Spiten.

“We have, however, registered that we have a number of customers over 80 who regularly transfer money via SMS. Maybe the recipients are children or grandchildren who receive a pleasant surprise,” says Spiten.

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