Håkon Kornstad releases new album

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Håkon Kornstad. Photo: Myspace.com/kornstad

The young Norwegian saxophone player Håkon Kornstad has just released his second solo album Dwell Time, announces Music Information Center Norway.

Without delay jazz critics around the world have recognized it as a unique record; a masterpiece where the hugely accomplished and versatile jazz man Kornstad single- handily creates a magnificently rich musical texture; orchestral in sound, contemplative in emotion. Dwell Time is a musical leap, and a personal one for Kornstad.

“I tend to jump into things in life, quite unprepared,” says Håkon Kornstad. I like the idea of simply starting something without much prior knowledge or preparation and then eventually finding myself completely immersed; letting the process itself take me deep into the subject matter.

Kornstad has often been described as an intrepid musician; one who does not shun extremities and who consistently takes his saxophone to new places in the landscape of sound.

Although not conscious of any such feeling of fearlessness, Kornstad agrees that there is an element of it in his approach.

“I often think my way of working as a stream of consciousness where things lead to one another and overlap in a horizontal way. Of course this presupposes a kind of confidence that you will get somewhere, and that things will work out to the best, even if you don’t guide and control your processes too much.”

Dwell Time is a solo record in the true sense of the word. Not only was Kornstad the only musician, he also produced the record. Moreover the material was improvised there and then, in the special atmosphere of Sofienberg church in Oslo.

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