Hackers attack Norwegian Armed Forces

When Norway began bombing missions in Libya

Hackers targeted the Norwegian Armed Forces' computer system after Norway began bombing missions in Libya. Photo by Lars Magne Hovtun/Norwegian Armed Forces.

The Norwegian Armed Forces were exposed to a massive cyber attack after Norwegian fighter jets participated in the bombing of Libya, according to Verdens Gang .

The attack happened through an e-mail sent to several hundred selected employees. It was reported that the e-mail was written in good Norwegian, and that the sender apparently was a senior adviser to the military.

The e-mail was not official, and the file attached to it was a virus that could have paved the way for hackers’ access to the armed forces’ computer system, wrote VG.

“We see this as a targeted cyber attack against the armed forces. The attempt came shortly after the decision to send Norwegian troops to the operation in Libya,” said Maj. Ivar Kjærem, Section Chief of the Armed Forces Center for protection of critical information (FSKI).

The identity of those behind the attack is still unknown.

Source: The Nordic Post

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