Høstfest: Norwegian WWII Soldier Shares Stories

99th Infantry Battalion Norwegian – American Ski Troop (Harold Hanson top row right). Photo: SDstories.org.

Many booths around Høstfest in Minot, North Dakota showcased different talents, but for one man it was not about talent, but his story, reports Kfyrtv.com

89-year old Harold Hanson, from Sioux Falls, SD has been coming to Høstfest for 3 years. Hanson was a part of the 99th batallion in World War II. Hanson was stationed all throughout Europe including Telemark, Norway.

Hanson’s unit was one of the first groups to defeat a german-controlled city. Hanson came to Høstfest to tell his story, but it also gives him a chance to meet people that also have stories from when they were in the war. “I love when people come up to me and they tell me they know someone who was in my batallion. They will tell me his name, and 99% of the time I know who they are,” said Harold Hanson, 99th Batallion KFYR TV.

Hanson turns 90 in March and hopes he will be back at Høstfest next year.

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