Government ministers may have been under surveillance

Badge of the National Police Directorate. Photo: Wikipedia.

Badge of the Norwegian National Police Directorate. Photo: Wikipedia.


The National Bureau of Crime Investigation (KRIPOS) is investigating reports which claim that all Government ministers and several thousand department employees have been under illegal surveillance by the Defence Security Services. 

The Security Service has reportedly monitored all data traffic to the Prime Minister’s Office and the departments. A central source quoted by Dagbladet says the case may have reached enormous proportions.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says he is glad the case is being investigated and says it is important that the police should come to the bottom of what has happened. He said he was informed by the Minister of Defence several weeks ago.

The Defence Security Service is responsible for monitoring all data security in the Defence Forces, and is to make sure that no sensitive information will go astray. According to the newspaper VG, the service has also had the responsibility for the data security of key peronnel at the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as at the departments.

Source: Norway Post

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