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Good Boy

John Smistad
Olympia, Wash.

Synopsis: Good Boy (2022)

Christian is an eccentric heir to a family fortune. Through a dating app he meets the free-spirited university student Sigrid. Sparks of romance soon fly.

Ah, but  there’s a problem in paradise. For Christian has a roommate, Frank. A guy who dresses up and behaves incessantly like a dog.

Good Boy

My review:

There are those who pretend that they are dogs. By “those” I mean fellow humans. They dress in canine costumes and behave accordingly.

Takes all kinds, man.

The unpleasant Norwegian horror flick Good Boy explores the life of one of these ridiculous role-players.

The question will be this: Sould you decide to lap up Good Boy? Which one of these three pitiful principle characters is yanking our collar?

I recently chatted on ZOOM with Good Boy writer and director Viljar Bøe from his home in Bergen, Norway. Here’s our revealing conversation:

Images courtesy of Viljar Bøe

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