Global Forum on Freedom of Expression in Oslo

The Global Forum on Freedom of Expression is held in Oslo this week, with 500 authors, researchers, filmmakers, publishers and activists from 200 organisations in 120 countries participating.

The Global Forum is a week-long event consisting of membership meetings, open conference sessions and festival events, all dedicated to exploring and celebrating free expression.

The primary hosting organisation is Norwegian PEN, co-host is the Freedom of Expression Foundation in Oslo.

Building on the gatherings of international free expression and human rights networks, the forum will bring together activists, writers, artists, academics and thinkers for trainings, keynote lectures, seminars, networking sessions and exhibitions.

The Global Forum will begin with 2 days of membership meetings; the global IFEX network, the International PEN Writers in Prison Committee, the International Human Rights House Network and the International Peace Journalism Research Network will all be in Oslo for their annual meetings during Monday June 1st and Tuesday June 2nd, with a focus on free expression.

Wednesday the 3rd to Friday the 5th of June will bring these groups together with a host of grass roots activists, media professionals, donors and academics for open conference, training and networking sessions.

Conference sessions will aim to join free expression’s theory and practice in an exploration of assumptions surrounding this fundamental right, and a critical engagement with the most pressing challenges posed by today’s global realities.

Source: Norway Post

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