Germans desert Norwegian huts

German tourists fail utleierne cottage on the coast of Southern and Western Norway.  NRK

German tourists fail utleierne cottage on the coast of Southern and Western Norway. NRK

Whereas German amateur fisherman disappears, increases the flow of Danish skiers.

In 2008, Germans accounted for more than 413,000 overnight stays in Norwegian huts, last year the total was reduced to 340,000 overnight stays. That is a decline of nearly 18 percent.

Failure of the German tourists are strongest over the Agder counties, Rogaland and Hordaland. In these four counties “disappeared” almost 50,000 German holiday accommodation from 2008 to 2009.

Six out of ten German holiday tourists staying along the coast from Agder to Hordaland.

Danes come to the rescue

While the the number of Germans was less, more holiday tourists from Sweden, Denmark and Finland came to Norway. Together the Nordic neighbors had an increase of 35,000 holiday accommodation in Norway from 2008 to 2009.

In particular, the Danes have discovered Norwegian cabins in recent years. Last year, the Danes for the total 243,000 overnight stays.

In roach statement to the Germans as a fisherman along the coast of southwestern Norway, the Danes travel to Norway to ski. The vast majority of them rent cabins in Hedmark and Buskerud, around resorts as Trysil and Geilo.

Hedmark alone had 20,000 Danish cottage accommodation in the last year over the year before.

Norwegians prefer the mountains to the coast

A score in the joy of Hedmark is that the county lost nearly 15,000 Norwegian cottage accommodation in the past year.

Hordaland, Rogaland and Telemark noted, however, an increase in the domestic tourists from 2008 to 2009.

Norwegians account for around one in four hytte overnight stays in the country in 2009.

Source: NRK

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