FRIKAR to perform TidarÅ in Gudbransdalen

FRIKAR dance company with a “work in progress” – stunt at the coming stage for world music in Norway. Danced by Ane Gjøvåg and Hallgrim Hansegård, composed by Andreas Ljones and choreographed by Hansegård. This is a first try out for the big scale performance TidarÅ, which had its premier during the Peer Gynt Festival in beautiful Gudbrandsdalen Valley on August 5, 2009.

The TidarÅ dance performance will be the major project at the Peer Gynt convention. With folk dancing on poles in the river, dancing on the cliff face and on a wire above the gorge, the Peer Gynt convention and choreographer and founder of FRIKAR, Hallgrim Hansegård, promise a spectacular performance with catchy music combining the traditional and the modern.

Rock is stronger than water – in the short term. But the river Frya testifies to the fact that over time, water beats rock. To create balance in the future, we should slow down and act with deliberation and foresight, like Solveig. This will be the challenge for some of the best acrobats and dancers in the “TidarÅ” performance. Who will get to float ‘dry-shod down the river of time’, the delicate skin of a woman or the crust of Mother Earth?

In 2008 choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård was sencured in Italy by the catolic church for his powerful, unconventional expressions, as FRIKAR calls “refined roughness”. Hansegård and FRIKAR stated they master both the artistic and commercial field by also winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with a Hansegård choreography.

FRIKAR dance company has performed with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, The National Ballet of Norway and Zimbabwe, is the company behind the moves of “Age of Conan” – the computer game, and has produced five full night dance peproductions.

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