Foreign Minister Støre appeals to the Arab Summit in Qatar

In his capacity as Chair of the international donor group for the Palestinian Authority (AHLC), Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre participated in the Arab League Summit in Doha, Qatar on Monday March 30.

Photo: Regjeringen.

Photo: Regjeringen.

Støre opened his speech by saying that the focus of his message to the summit would be on the current challenging situation of the Palestinian economy. “My key message to you – the Heads of State of the Arab League – is to help secure the financial sustainability of the Palestinian institutions, which one day will form the core of a Palestinian state,” the Norwegian Foreign Minister said.

The Ad-hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), as tasked by UN Security Council resolution 1860, has a key function in the coordination of assistance to the Palestinian Territory and in the reconstruction and long-term development of Gaza. Arab donor countries are playing an increasingly important role in these efforts. “I urge you to live up to your pledges,” said Støre.

“We must take care not to let the building blocks of the Palestinian state-in-waiting whither away. The very foundation of that state is made up of the institutions of the Palestinian Authority. It took 15 years to build those institutions, but as recent events have shown, they can easily be torn down.

“We must not make the PA a hostage in the still on-going rivalry between Palestinian factions. As Chair of the AHLC, the main message I want to convey is that we must place the PA at the centre of our efforts,” said Støre.

“My Government has emphasised the need to ensure full compliance with decisions and requests of the Security Council in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, and in this context we urge all governments to cooperate fully with the International Criminal Court,” the Norwegian Foreign Minister concluded.


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