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The prime minister’s Christmas message

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB Jonas Gahr Støre asks the people of Norway to show support for each other this Christmas.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) encourages the Norwegian people to look around more and show support for others, and “to follow the stars.”

“We can all be of support and help to someone who needs it. So, look around. Let someone see you. And if you can, follow the stars,” he said.

These were the words of the Norwegian prime minister in this year’s Christmas greeting on the government’s website.

He started his Christmas greeting by referring to the story of the three wise men. They are said to have used the stars to guide them when they were looking for the stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

“Everyone traveled by the stars at that time. Also, sailors in our part of the world. Yes, they were perhaps better than most at navigating by the stars. Now we have other methods,” the prime minister said.

Furthermore, Støre pointed out that it is easier to see the stars when it is dark outside, as it is now in wintertime.

“This is a time of stars and decorations,” he said.

He pointed out that stars can be seen in several places, whether they are used as decorations in homes, in Christmas films, newspapers who award star leaders, or sports teams that pick out the season’s new stars.

Finally, Prime Minister Støre wished the Norwegian people a Merry Christmas for when the time comes and a wonderful Advent season.

“And then, I have three wishes for all of us, and they are connected. Because at this time of year, I think we can say that we should show care, show generosity, and show closeness to one another,” he said.

Read and listen to the Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre Christmas message on the government’s website (in Norwegian): regjeringen.no/no/aktuelt/statsministerens-budskap-til-advent-og-jul/id3016937.

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