Follow the path of Viking explorer Leif Eriksson with Hurtigruten

Voyage With Helge Ingstad’s Daughter Offers Unique Historical Insight As Hurtigruten Sailing Follows The Path Of Viking Explorer Leif Eriksson

New York, July 2009 — Hurtigruten has announced a very special addition to its 18-day Greenland-to-New York cruise, departing Sept. 22 — on board will be Benedicte Ingstad, Professor in Medical Anthropology and daughter of the famed Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad.  

Ms. Ingstad was with her parents, Anne Stine and Helge, on their 1960 expedition to L’anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland, when they made their groundbreaking historical discovery, excavating what is considered to be the “Vinland settlement” of Leif Eriksson from circa AD 1000, or 500 years earlier than Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of North America.

Through a series of lectures, she will share memories of her family’s adventures and the story of her father’s life as well as show photographic material and unique films. The company’s air-inclusive cruise, aboard the world’s newest and most deluxe expedition ship, the 318-passenger MS Fram, travels through several unique historical sites, encountering beautiful natural environments on the way. The south and west coasts of Greenland with stops in Nuuk, Ivittut and Qassiarsuq, the David Straights, St. Anthony, Gros Morne National Park, Nova Scotia and the approach to New York are just some of the highlights on this voyage. Visits to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites are included: L’anse Aux Meadows, Red Bay (provisional World Heritage list) and Gros Morne National Park.  

Ms. Ingstad, a noted explorer and anthropologist in her own right, will offer insight into Viking history and Greenland’s culture, and share her unique knowledge and her personal experiences from the excavations at L’anse Aux Meadows.  Specific themes include Greenland after the Vikings, Inuit migration, Hans Egede and Fritjof Nansen, The Vinland Saga and Helge Ingstad’s theories about Vinland, and archaeological finds and excavations at L’anse Aux Meadows. Benedicte Ingstad is Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of Oslo.  She is currently working on her father’s biography and the first volume will be released by Gyldenhal in autumn 2009.  

Hurtigruten is a world leader in exploration cruising, sailing to some of the world’s most remote destinations including Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic’s Spitsbergen, combining once-in-a-lifetime trips with learning as experts in the fields of geology, environmental sciences, wildlife, botany and more  travel with the guests to inform and educate.  

Fares of $4,249 to $7,249 per person, double include flights from New York/Newark, one night hotel in Copenhagen, all meals on board, lectures, onboard Expedition Leaders, most transfers, some shore excursions, taxes and air fuel surcharges and ticketing fees.  Flights from dozens of U.S. gateways are priced from $100 to $360 additional. For more information about the cruises and optional excursions, brochures and reservations can be obtained from Hurtigruten Inc., (800) 323-7436 or (212) 319-1300; fax (212) 319-1390; for brochures (800) 582-0835, 24 hours a day;

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