Fjord Line starting two daily and two sailing from Kristiansand from May 2012

Route Map

Route Map

Opening in May 2012 Fjord Line will offer daily sailings between Kristiansand and Hirtshals all year round.  “In 2012 the delivery of two new cruise ferries will make it possible to offer daily services both between Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Kristiansand and Hirtshals. This will enhance the ferry service between Kristiansand and the EU, contributing to increased traffic in both tourism and cargo,” says CEO Ingvald Fardal.

Fjord Line announced this March that the company has ordered to new cruise ferries from the Bergen Group Fosen yard, with delivery in April and October 2012 respectively. This will put Fjord Line in a position to offer daily sailings between Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals. Another positive aspect of the fleet renewal is that daily sailings between Kristiansand and Hirtshals will be possible on a year round basis.

The new cruise ferries will be designed to environmentally friendly standards, and emissions of SOx- and NOx-particles will be at a minimum. Every present and every known future environmental standard will be met. The investment in the two new cruise ferries will increase Fjord Line’s sailing crew from today’s 120 to ca 250 persons.

Large synergies with two new cruise ferries

“Our ambition is to contribute to the development of the market for transport of passengers and cargo between Norway and the EU. Resulting from the development of a new model where both of the two new cruise ferries will have the capacity to offer daily sailings on both our services, we will have a very cost effective structure to our services. We believe that the business potential for the two popular ferry services between Norway and the EU can be expanded considerably,” Fardal points out.

Daily sailings – all year round

The sailing schedule for each of the two new cruise ferries at present includes daily departures and arrivals at the same hour at all ports:

* Departure from Bergen in early afternoon

* Departure from Risavika near Stavanger early evening

* Arrival at Hirtshals early morning

* Departure from Hirtshals later in the morning

* Arrival at Kristiansand by noon approx.

* Departure from Kristiansand in the afternoon

* Arrival at Hirtshals in early evening

* Departure from Hirtshals later in the evening

* Arrival at Risavika near Stavanger in early morning

* Arrival in Bergen by noon approx.

Fjord Line’s procurement of the two new cruise ferries from Bergen Group Fosen is subject to approval from financial institutions and the board of directors of both companies. The contract has a total value of Euro 103 mill per ship. “We are presently having a positive dialogue with our financial backers, the GIEK (Garanti-Instituttet for Eksportkreditt) and Eksportfinans regarding the necessary loans and guarantees. We expect to have all formalities in place within a short period of time,” says Ingvald Fardal.

Source: Fjord Line

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