Five-year Masters of Education program approved at University of Tromsø

The Ministry of Education has approved University of Tromsø’s five-year Master’s in Education program. “This is a great day for the Norwegian education system and future students,” said Jarle Aarbakke, president of University of Tromsø (UiT).

On Feb. 10, the University of Tromsø received official recognition by the Ministry of Education for their five-year Masters of Education program.

“The Ministry of Education confirms that UiT’s Master’s of Education for first through seventh grade and fifth grade through 10th grade will provide teaching expertise that is in line with the teacher education programs set out by the Ministry’s regular for primary teacher training,” said a letter from the Ministry of Education.

“This is undoubtedly a great day for UiT,” said university president Jarle Aarbakke, “But especially a great day for the Norwegian education system.”

At UiT, we now offer a program to train teachers for the future educational system of Norway. This is a program where education graduate students will learn to master the challenges they will actually meet in the Norwegian school system,” says Aarbakke.

First and only in Norway

University of Tromsø is the first and only educational institution in Norway that offers a comprehensive five-year study for education students, which includes teacher certification and the Masters in Education.

A recognition of UiT

The University Board approved the five-year  education program on Nov. 19, 2009, and then was sent an application to the Ministry of Education for certification of the program.

University president Jarle Aarbakke sees the Ministry’s rapid response in recognition of the quality of the education program at UiT.

“With approval from the Ministry of Education, they said those who graduation with a Masters of Education are welcome to work at every level of the Norwegian school system,” said Aarbakke.

How the Master’s of Education program functions at University of Tromsø:

One must decide whether to be a teacher for primary education, the middle years, or the older students. University of Tromsø offers the choice of three different programs to become a teacher:

* Master of Education for 1 to 7. Year

* Master of Education for 5-10. Year

* Master of Education for 8-13. Year

Source: University of Tromsø

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