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Los Bandos

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A still from Los Bando, a Norwegian children’s film that’s raking in prizes internationally.

The most prestigious of the five prizes given to Los Bando in one week was the audience prize at the world’s largest media festival, Cinekid in Amsterdam. In addition to this prize, the Norwegian original scripted film, directed by Christian Lo and produced by Filmbin, received the children’s jury prize in Riga, Latvia; the audience award in Bielefeld, Germany; and both the audience award and the prize of the children’s jury at Münster Kinderfilmfest where it was handed.

Los Bando is a crazy road movie about a young band from Norway, Los Bando Immortale. The members set out on a journey across the country to attend the National Championship of Rock in a race against time, the police, and their parents.

In an interview with Norway’s National Film Institute, Lo says, “I wanted to make a film about a music group, so Arild [Tryggestad] wrote the amazing script for the road comedy about the band Los Bando Immortale. My film should be about solidarity and how to follow a dream.”

When Lo was 13, producer (and Lo’s wife) Trine Aadalen Lo adds, “he started playing bass guitar in the local rock band Oljesøl (oil spill) at Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen. The four friends competed in local championships and the national, then called LO Rock.”

Lo continues: “Once my youth band participated in the Norwegian rock finals at Rockefeller in Oslo, which was huge for me—this ‘greater than life’ feeling from such moments are so important, when you are young, and I wanted to create this in the film’s universe. The film is about following a dream, life is too short not to, telling the story of four eccentric, young characters who individually experience the crisis of their lives, and against all odds embark on an adventurous journey to fulfill their dreams.”

So far, the film has been a dream come true, receiving more than a dozen prizes at international film festivals.

Since its international premiere in the Generation section at the Berlinale, the film has been sold to Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, and Sweden.

Los Bando is directed by Christian Lo, the script is by Arild Tryggestad, and the producers are Trine Aadalen Lo and Nicholas Sando for Filmbin.

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