Fired from coaching Canadian skiers


The coach of the Canadian cross-country ski team, Arild Monsen (47) from Molde, Norway has been fired from the job, one year before the end of his contract, reports the Norway Post.

“I’m in shock,” Monsen says to NRK.

“No one can deny that we have achieved good results. The season behind us is the best for Canadian skiers ever. But my coaching philosophy clashed with the Canadian, and that became a problem. But I have had good support from the skiers,” Monsen says.

Arild was a member of the Norwegian National Team 1982-1990, and competed in three World Championships and was a wax technician for the Norwegian team from 1993-97.

He was an international Technical Delegate on the World Cup 1997-2006 and was Chief of Competition at the Norwegian National Championships and twice at the Holmenkollen.

Source: / Norway Post.

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