Final Day in Davos

On Sunday, January 31, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon concluded six days of meetings and seminars in the Alpine city of Davos.

Among other activities, he participated in a group discussion summarising the global issues that emerged from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010.

Several hundred representatives from the business, political, cultural and public spheres took part in the discussion, which was led by presenter Nik Gowing of BBC World News.

Young Global Leaders (YGL)

This marks the fifth time that Crown Prince Haakon has attended the Annual Meeting in Davos. On Thursday, January 28, the Crown Prince participated in a panel debate in his capacity as Chair of the YGL Global Redesign Task Force; other panellists included Michael Froman (Deputy Assistant to the US President) and George Yeo Yong-Boon (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore). “Involvement and letting other people’s voices being heard is really the core to solving this world’s biggest challenges,” the Crown Prince said from the podium.

Leads activities

Crown Prince Haakon has been a member of YGL since 2005. The forum comprises leaders under the age of 40 and is the most important voice for young people in the World Economic Forum. During the past year, the Crown Prince has led YGL’s efforts under the Global Redesign Initiative. Launched by the World Economic Forum in 2009, the initiative promotes integrated thinking with the aim of generating functional ideas and specific solutions to improve the state of the world.

To date YGL has proposed 30 concrete initiatives, all of which are presented in detail at

Met with Global Changemakers

On Saturday, January 30, Crown Prince Haakon introduced a discussion featuring Mousa Musa from Iraq, Tshepiso Gower from Botswana and four other young activists and social entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 19. In a post on Twitter immediately following the session the Crown Prince wrote:

“Just heard presentations from six young leaders. Amazing and inspiring. They are changing the world.”

Global Changemakers is a programme under the auspices of the British Council. At the session in Davos the young leaders spoke of the work they are carrying out in their local communities.

School visit with Muhammad Yunus

During his week in Davos, Crown Prince Haakon attended numerous meetings and panel debates at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

On Friday, January 29, he also had the opportunity to participate in an event outside the Davos conference area. YGL hosted a special school visit to the Swiss Alpine High School, where Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus gave a lecture as part of the “Learn Money” initiative.


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