A new approach to rhubarb

A fresh and satisfying dessert highlights this spring delight without much sugar Christy Olsen Field Taste of Norway Editor Spring is officially here with the rhubarb harvest. I’ve been a rhubarb enthusiast since I was a kid, and my love for the vegetable grows stronger by the year. Rhubarb was the first thing I planted when my husband and I bought our home, and I debated if eight plants were enough. (They’re not, and I have to supplement with weekly purchases at the farmers market.) I delight as the magenta stalks push through their way through the dirt, a promise that summer is soon on its way. Rhubarb is a plant of conundrums: it’s technically a vegetable but treated like a fruit, th
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Christy Olsen Field

Christy Olsen Field was the Taste of Norway Editor from 2019 to 2022. She worked on the editorial staff of The Norwegian American Weekly from 2008 to 2012. An enthusiastic home cook and baker, she lives north of Seattle with her husband and two young sons.