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Ibsen has moved out! (Ibsen har flyttet ut!)


Photo: Public domain
Henrik Ibsen at his desk.

If you tried to visit (Hvis du prøvde å besøke) the Ibsen Museum (Ibsenmuseet) in (i) Oslo this summer (i sommer), you were (ble du) probably (sannsynligvis) surprised (overrasket over) to find (å oppdage) that the museum (at museet) is closed (er stengt) for remodeling (for ombygging). 

The Ibsen Museum (Ibsenmuseet), which is a part of (som er en del av) the Norsk Folkemuseum foundation (stiftelsen Norsk Folkemuseum), is located near (ligger nær) the Royal Palace (Det kongelige slott). At the museum you can visit (På museet kan du besøke) Ibsen’s apartment (Ibsens leilighet), where he lived (hvor han bodde) for the last 11 years of his life (de siste 11 årene han levde). In addition (I tillegg) the museum features (inneholder museet) an exhibition (en utstilling) on the playwright’s life and writing (om dramatikerens liv og dikting). The museum store (Museumsbutikken) also sells (selger også) Ibsen-related literature (Ibsenrelatert litteratur) and souvenirs (og suvenirer).

In January (I januar) 2019, the Ibsen Museum closed (stengte Ibsenmuseet) its doors (dørene sine) to the public (for publikum), and the museum and apartment (og museet og leiligheten) were emptied out (ble tømt) – but just temporarily (men bare midlertidig). Work has begun (Arbeidet har startet) to expand the museum (for å utvide museet) and to build (og å bygge) a modern (en moderne) theater stage (teaterscene).

Ibsen Museum

Photo: Ibsen Museum
Henrik Ibsen’s workroom.

When the Ibsen Museum reopens (Når Ibsenmuseet åpnes på nytt) in the fall of (høsten) 2021, the museum plans to offer (planlegger museet å tilby) more theatrical performances (flere teaterforestillinger) to engage (for å engasjere) the public (publikum) in new and creative ways (på nye og kreative måter). With the new theater stage (Med den nye teaterscenen), in addition to (i tillegg til) Ibsen’s home (Ibsens hjem) and exhibitions (og utstillinger), the museum will become (kommer museet til å bli) a unique center (et unikt senter) for Ibsen’s life and drama (for Ibsens liv og dramatikk). Visitors will be able to experience (Besøkende vil kunne oppleve) Ibsens works (Ibsens verk) where the playwright (der dramatikeren) lived and worked (bodde og arbeidet).

While you’re waiting for (Mens du venter på) the new museum to open (at det nye museet skal åpne), don’t forget (må du ikke glemme) there are two other Ibsen museums in Norway (at det er to andre Ibsen-museer i Norge):

Henrik Ibsen Museum in Skien:

Ibsen-Museet in Grimstad:

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