Fårikålens festday

Today is National Fårikål Day!

Today is National Fårikål Day!

Did you know that the classic Norwegian dish, fårikål, has its own day?

On the last Thursday in September, fårikål celebrates its own national holiday. As the cool fall weather begins to set in, many Norwegians will take time today to make the delicious, hot lamb-and-cabbage dish.

“Find the pot, invite family or friends and enjoy the national dish! The shops are bursting with the year’s freshest lamb, and many restaurants have put fårikål on the menu!” exclaims the food’s website (yes, this national dish has its very own website!), farikal.no.

In honor of the holiday, farikal.no has created a computer game. Try it here to break up your workday, then head home and make some delicious fårikål!

“When autumn comes and the cabbage is harvested, it is time for good, hot and tasty fårikål. Every day is a party with fårikål!” writes NRK.

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