Families with children receive NOK 32 billion


Cash transfers to families with children came to NOK 32.1 billion in 2009. Family allowances and parental benefit on birth are the highest transfers, with NOK 14.6 and NOK 12.7 billion respectively.

Cash for care amounted to nearly NOK 1.5 billion in 2009. In the period 2004 to 2009 the number of recipients of cash for care fell from about 117,000 to about 73,000 persons.

Transitional benefit, child care benefit and education benefit are transfers aimed at single parents. These transfers amounted to NOK 2.9 billion in 2009.

Less cash transfers to families with children in recent years

In 2004, the different cash transfers amounted to NOK 30,200 per child aged 0-17 years, in 2009 prices. In 2009, this average has been reduced to NOK 28,900. This reduction is partly due to less received family allowances in recent years due to nominally unaltered basic amounts. In addition, fewer families received cash for care and transitional benefit.

Source: Statistics Norway

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